Anti-Aging – A Commitment to Total Lifestyle Change

Making healthier lifestyle choices entails a lot of discipline, but the hard work will surely pay off. Actually, once you do things that are good for your health every day, you find yourself becoming a much better and happier person. One does not need to spend a ton on beauty products and the most advanced anti-aging technology; there are natural anti-aging tips that you can apply in your daily life.As explained in the Dr. Oz Show, in order to combat the negative effects of aging, lifestyle changes which involve food, exercise, meditation, sleep, sex, and vitamins should be made with total resolve.Eating the right kinds of food can affect a person on the inside and outside. Health-enhancing foods can prevent diseases, purify the skin, sharpen the mind, and even boost your mood. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods and drinks — substances with powerful anti-aging properties — ensures that your body is well protected against free-radical molecular activity which damages tissue at a cellular level. Foods with powerful anti-aging properties include blueberries, broccoli and tomatoes, among others.Tea is an ancient Chinese anti-aging secret. Green tea and white tea are packed with antioxidants that fight and prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Spices such as ginger, cinnamon and turmeric also possess anti-aging properties.A healthy and balanced diet should be complemented with regular exercise. Staying in shape helps delay the aging process. Meditation is also a vital anti-ager. Meditation can combat stress, which accelerates aging.Most people take the anti-aging power of sleep for granted. Seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night is particularly recommended.

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