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Are you looking to create stunning graphic’s for the leading designer’s in the fashion design industry?  Well be prepared to learn, what you need to become a fashion graphic designer also get great tips on  how to land the job by following my professional tips and advice from insiders who have  had years of experience in the fashion design industry.First you will need to have at least an interest to be a graphic fashion designer. If you are passionate about what you want to do, than you will need to gain some specified skills in order to become a graphic fashion designer. Typically a graphic designer has a bachelor’s degree in digital graphic arts; you will want to have at least the equivalent, unless you already have the skills and software knowledge needed to become a Graphic artist. Next you will want to take a few additional classes, preferably in the fashion design field. A couple of sketching and sewing classes should give you a great idea of what the fashion design industry is looking for in a graphic fashion designer.The final process involves a bit of networking and due diligence on your part. You will want to research as many fashion design agencies in your area, set up a meeting or phone interview. Once you are able to get in contact with them, you will want to interview them and ask them exactly what they need or want from an employee. Explain to these agencies that you are an aspiring graphic fashion designer, and would be willing to volunteer your time at least 5 -10 hours a week and during that time you would like to fulfill the needs the employer is specifically requesting.By approaching a design agency this way, you will get the skills you need to be a professional graphic fashion designer, even if in the end they don’t ultimately hire you. Remember you walk away with experience and this is valued so much more. I promise you won be stuck fetching coffee, and feeling grim that you might be an intern forever. Follow my advice and you will have a 99% chance of a job offer return rate as a graphic fashion designer.

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